Coffee, Tea Selections and Specialties

Regular Coffee 3.5

Turkish Coffee 4

Espresso 4

Double Espresso 6

Cappuccino 4

Turkish Coffee 7
With Chilled Mint Liqueur

Selection of Teas 3.5

San Pellegrino 6

Perrier 5

Bottled Water 3

Tuesday, December 19th
Tuesday Night Music

Wednesday, December 20th
Wednesdays for Ladies

Thursday, December 21st
Thursday Night Music

Friday, December 22nd
Friday Night Music

Saturday, December 23rd
Saturday Night Music

The Best & Only Cigar Lounge in Glen Allen, VA

Open 7 Days a week
Mondays 12pm-1am
Tuesdays 12pm-1am
Wednesdays 12pm-1am
Thursdays 12pm-1am
Fridays 12pm-2am
Saturdays 12pm-2am
Sundays 12pm-12am

2442 Old Brick Road
Glen Allen, VA 23060-5841
(804) 360-2460